Phoenix Leader Education Program (Hiroshima Initiative) for Renaissance from Radiation Disaster
–Development of global human resources as an expert in the recovery of people, society, and environment from damages caused by the radiation disaster–
This program establishes “Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies” as an interdisciplinary and practical academic field, on a basis of our experiences and achievements in Hiroshima University for supporting the recovery from the atomic bomb. The program aims to develop personnel with the skills to “protect human lives from radiation hazards”, “protect the environment from radioactivity”, and “protect the human society from radioactivity”. The graduates from the program are expected to be the core leaders in situations requiring recovery from the radiation hazards. The 5-year or 4-year integrated curriculum is designed to develop interdisciplinary and comprehensive global leaders (Phoenix Leaders) who are able to act appropriately in circumstances of radiation hazard, and contribute to the recovery with his/her leadership based on a clear philosophy.