KMITL exchange student program: Students interested in summer internships abroad, please take note on the following information:
1. Fukuoka Institute of Technology (FIT) Download (FIT.pdf)
2. National Institute of Technology, Ishikawa College   Download (Ishikawa.pdf)
3. National Institute of Technology, Maizuru College   Download  (Maizuru.pdf)
4. National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College   Download (Nagaoka.pdf)
5. National Institute of Technology, Numazu College   Download  (Numazu.pdf)
6. National Institute of Technology, Sendai College   Download  (Sendai.pdf)
7. The University of Electro – Communications (UEC)  Download (UEC.pdf)
8. University of Electronics Science and Technology (UESTC) Download  (UESTC.pdf)
 – Download Subscription information (ข้อมูลการสมัคร.pdf) 
 – Download KOSEN application(ใบสมัคร KOSENs) 
 – Download Kurume application (ใบสมัคร Kurume) 
 – Download (appendix kurume)